SATeC Services Entry and Exit Policy

The evaluation panel will consider the following, as applicable:

When the evaluation panel is satisfied that the entrepreneur/ SME satisfies the exit criteria, the necessary contracts and agreements are prepared by SATeC staff, to be signed before the entrepreneur/SME becomes a tenant in SATeC.

Exit Criteria

There are no hard and fast rules for determining the graduation/exit of the entrepreneurs from the SATeC. However, the following will assist in determining whether an entrepreneur is ready to exit from the SATeC:

If the answers to at least 10 of the above questions are YES, the entrepreneur should be ready to graduate from the SATeC. However, the Centre Manager and/or Business Advisor who has worked with the incubatee over a period of time should do some fore sighting and risk analysis as inputs into the decision about graduation.

Services Provided to Clients

Technology Support -The SATeC, in collaboration with a wide network of service providers, can provide a wide range of technology incubation services to clients (incubatees), including:

Business Mentoring - The SATeC, in collaboration with a wide network of service providers, can provide business incubation and business nurturing services to clients (incubatees), including:

Training - All SATeC clients will undergo a skills gap analysis, the results of which will indicate what areas require training. The SATeC, in collaboration with a selected network of Training Service Providers, provides a comprehensive range of training courses to SATeC clients such as:

Common Services - these include secretarial support; telephone answering and common reception and mailing facilities, access to computers and other office equipment and meeting rooms. Canteen facilities will also be explored.

Networking Services - business relations will be encouraged inside SATeC to cross-fertilize ideas and advice between tenants on how to create linkages with industry players. The following services will be offered as referrals and networking relationships with other service providers:

Entry Criteria

SATeC Entry Criteria

The following criteria have to be satisfied by any entrepreneur or SME who wants to become an incubatee of SATeC:

When a new entrepreneur and/or SME wants to become a tenant of SATeC, an evaluation panel consisting of the Centre Manager, Business Advisor (as applicable) and two members of the EXCO, will evaluate the application of the entrepreneur/ SME, to determine whether the entry criteria are satisfied.

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